Life Insurance

For peace of mind…

While nobody likes to contemplate their death, worries about loved ones left behind is one less burden on your mind when you have life insurance. It means that your family could endure a major loss and still continue on with plans you laid out together such as sending a child through college or remaining in the family home.

A great added benefit to a Life Insurance policy is it can be used as a retirement investment vehicle. After paying into a Life Insurance policy for a certain amount of time, you can withdrawal funds against the policy, essentially paying yourself back.

Long-Term Care

Control your medical coverage options…

Long–term care is coverage that provides nursing-home care, home-health care, personal or adult day care usually for individuals with a chronic or disabling condition that needs constant supervision. LTC insurance gives you flexibility and control over your medical care options.

Final Expense

It’s more costly than you think…

The cost of a basic funeral and burial is $10,000. Does your family have the funds to pay your funeral and burial expenses? A Final Expense policy ensures these expenses will be covered because they can be exempt from the Medicare “spend-down” rule (“spend-down” rules follows the Medicaid guidelines).

Most of us don’t like to contemplate the need to prepare for our funeral and burial, but covering these services is an important part of personal estate planning. Final Expense insurance offers an affordable way to provide for these costs so that family and friends can celebrate your life without financial obligations.

Key Person Insurance

Do you have key players in your business? Make sure they are covered…

Key Person Insurance is typically owned by a business to compensate that business for financial losses that would arise from the death or extended incapacity of an important member of the business. Another benefit to a Key Person Insurance policy is to provide a retirement payout vehicle for the company principals.